Indy B.R.A.G. Book Award

In Daylight and Darkness wins an Indy B.R.A.G. book award “I love everything about this book.” B.R.A.G. reviewer “For lovers of fantasy this is a must read.” B.R.A.G. reviewer The Book Readers Appreciation Group for self-published books (otherwise known as Indy B.R.A.G.) highlights excellence in self-published books with their medallion award. The book is readContinue reading “Indy B.R.A.G. Book Award”

In Daylight and Darknes

It’s been an amazing experience, getting my book out into the world. Most of the work of writing goes on quietly within the author’s own head. If a writer is fortunate, and I’m very fortunate in this regard, there is a critique group to help with encouragement and constructive criticism during the process. But there’sContinue reading “In Daylight and Darknes”