Dana Ardis

Dana Ardis

Author of Worldwalkers fantasy series

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When Kate’s childhood friend Cor returns to tell her she’s in danger, she’s not happy to see him. Her best friend hasn’t grown up to be a handsome monster hunter, he’s a hallucination. Kate spent years in an institution for believing otherwise. If she admits she’s having symptoms again, she might lose her independence. Instead, she strikes a deal with Cor: if she learns how to defend herself, he’ll leave her alone for good.

As Kate spends more time with Cor, it gets harder to imagine saying goodbye. But if Cor is real, so are the monsters.

  • In Daylight and Darkness is on tour!
    My book is on blog tour this month! I’ll be having socially-distanced stops at six book review blogs and there’s an associated giveaway. August 30: Bibliomaniac AzaAugust 30: The Reading AddictSeptember 6: The Avid ReaderSeptember 6: The ArcheolibrarianSeptember 13: Kit ‘n KabookleSeptember 20: Notes from a Romantic’s Heart Go check them out and see whatContinue reading “In Daylight and Darkness is on tour!”
  • New Review
    In Daylight and Darkness is on blog tour! It was reviewed on Bibliomaniac Aza and The Reading Addict Elf. There’s also a giveaway for an Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card! Go check it out. It’s been wonderful getting feedback from folks and seeing what they thought of my book.
  • Book Review: When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain
    They were Dieu’s favorite lines, and she was almost afraid to look up and see how the tiger took them. When you love a thing too much, it is a special kind of pain to show it to others and see that it is lacking. One of my favorite quotes from When the Tiger CameContinue reading “Book Review: When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain”
  • In Daylight and Darknes
    It’s been an amazing experience, getting my book out into the world. Most of the work of writing goes on quietly within the author’s own head. If a writer is fortunate, and I’m very fortunate in this regard, there is a critique group to help with encouragement and constructive criticism during the process. But there’sContinue reading “In Daylight and Darknes”

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