Indy B.R.A.G. Book Award

In Daylight and Darkness wins an Indy B.R.A.G. book award

“I love everything about this book.”

B.R.A.G. reviewer

“For lovers of fantasy this is a must read.”

B.R.A.G. reviewer

The Book Readers Appreciation Group for self-published books (otherwise known as Indy B.R.A.G.) highlights excellence in self-published books with their medallion award. The book is read by a judging panel who then rate it on a variety of criteria (characters, dialog, overall plot structure, etc.).

In Daylight and Darkness, book one of my Worldwalkers series, won the award for self-published Fantasy! Not only was it recommended for the medallion, but it garnered five stars in every category on the rubric. I’m pretty pleased. If you love fantasy, I hear you should read it.

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