Book Release August 16th!

As Shadows Gather releases August 16th!

Kate and Cor defeated the Hunters who pursued them, but their true enemy remains out of reach and just as dangerous.

Kate has accepted her unusual gift: she’s one of the rare humans who can travel between Earth and other worlds, a fact she embraces even if her friends and family on Earth will never believe her. Expelled from his House, Cor must earn a place for himself in a new city with few resources and fewer allies, but Kate has welcomed him back into her life—and perhaps her heart.

Together, they’ve discovered that the Hunters on their trail were sent by the Scholars, some of the most influential and respected leaders on Kuyen. The Scholars fear Kate’s destructive power and will stop at nothing to see her removed from their world. Without the support of Cor’s former House, stopping them seems impossible.

When Cor is kidnapped, Kate races to find him in a world where she doesn’t know all the rules and isn’t sure who she can trust. But the stakes are clear: Hunters don’t take prisoners. If Cor is in their hands, he’s running out of time.

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